23 Feb 2012

Thank you, Masaru-san! We're in the news!

A quick update - we owe many huge apologies for the bugs with our site. We're having some problems with our hosting, and also with our developer. For those who get any request time outs, please hit the refresh button - it usually works. We are fixing the other bugs at the moment. Please do bear with us!

Meantime, for any comments or feedback, do drop us a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ! Arigato to all our Japanese friends! Xie Xie to our Chinese and Taiwanese friends! Danke to the folks in Germany! And many many deep thanks for all the help we're receiving from all over. We are truly humbled!


8 February 2012

Met one of our local partners for Japan today and we’re now online to getting some projects for the digital business. Also we’re working with some folks from Germany (Munich), as potential partners and service providers for our start ups expanding in Europe. Things are gaining speed here, though we still need to iron out the issues with our language.

2 February 2012

Launched Start Up Habitat at Startups In Asia, and got a lot of visibility with the local start up scene. Also met on of our partners from China, QuestVC and it was such a pleasure to meet James. They’ve listed our site on theirs as part of their affiliate network. Also meeting with a lot of folks coming in from various countries who are interested in working with Start Up Nation’s digital division. Will have to carve that business out soon.



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