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Congratulations! You have taken your first leap of faith into your entrepreneurial journey. Start up Habitat is a globally connected eco-system created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

We understand the difficulties in scaling your businesses overseas, especially where there are language barriers. In a globally connected world, we want to bridge that gap by providing an English language base for start-ups to get plugged into a foreign eco-system.

Registration is free, which enables you to create your profile, market yourself, and enable your profile to be searchable by incubators worldwide who can assist you in your start-up journey. To book services and work days in incubators, you will need to register for a paid membership.

For a mere US$100 per annum, you get ten working days at any of our incubators, co-working spaces or community offices. On top of that, these partners are plugged into the local start-up community, and can advise you prior to your trip on the ins and outs of doing business in that territory. You may even want to plan your trip around major entrepreneur-related events.

We work to validate each of our incubators to the best of our abilities, so that you can scale with peace of mind, ease, and immediately get plugged into a larger start-up community.


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