1. Why should my incubator sign up for Start Up Habitat?
  2. Start Up Habitat is designed to connect entrepreneurial communities globally by way of connecting start up incubators, accelerators, online communities, blog and of course, start-up founders together. This enables each stakeholder to immediately get international exposure to their target markets, and makes the start-up community globally a more open and connected one.

    Apart from deal flow for your related investment and funding partners, your affiliated start ups can also use the platform for their expansion or developmental needs.

  3. What are the benefits of joining the community?
  4. As incubators, start ups worldwide would search for incubators within the countries that they are intending to target as part of their expansion plans. While incubators are free to decide on how they would structure their mentorship to these start-ups, it is recommended that an incubator gives objective advice to allow start-ups to make risk-weighted decisions on their expansion into new jurisdictions. This will allow incubators to benefit from the long term goodwill and even potential advisory or incorporation fees should an entrepreneur choose to start up in your country.

    The more time and effort you put into marketing yourself through your profile, the more visible you would be towards the start-ups that seek out your services. The international exposure will also allow you to improve the quality of your incubation and also provide international learning opportunities to raise the level of incubation services in your country.

    We are always happy to have feedback to improve the user experience, or to add more features that may serve you better. Do let us know if you have any comments by contacting us.

  5. What are the costs involved?
  6. Start Up Habitat is free to join for incubators during our pilot stage. Incidental costs involved in mentorship, the costs in maintenance of advisors (e.g. lawyers or accountants), and hot-desking space, where required.

  7. What is expected of me as an incubator in the community?
  8. As an incubator, start-up companies will apply for a number of days in your incubator, and you can offer up to 10 days at a desk in your incubator per start-up. Before you do so, you can check the profile of the start-up, in order to determine if you are able to assist the start-up with the resources and domain knowledge that you possess within your team.

    It is always best that you honour the approved bookings, as start-up companies are given the ability to post comments and feedback about your incubator on the forums, which impact the ratings of your incubator (feature to be incorporated in next update).

    When a start-up founder arrives at your incubator, do spend some time to address the concerns raised, as this will assist the founder in making an informed decision about expansion and the options available to the start-up, particular to its current situation.

  9. Can my incubator recommend any of the start ups to an angel investor?
  10. Yes. You may wish to recommend any of the start-up companies to angel investors, whether related to your incubator or otherwise, PROVIDED you have informed the start-up company, and obtained approval from the start-up founder.

    On the other hand, not every start-up company may suit the investment profile of your related investment companies.

  11. Can my incubator invest in any of the start-ups?
  12. Yes. However, as in the case of recommendation to related and/or third party investors, please inform the start-up company and obtain approval from the start-up founder before you commence any initiative to invest in the start-up companies.

  13. Our incubator is full currently/ does not have enough space. Can we still register?
  14. Yes. You may wish to register your incubator while waiting for space to be freed up. While the space is important, the advice given to start-up companies play a significant role in your service offerings and in attracting good quality start-ups to apply for “exchanges” with your incubator. Further, you do not need to specifically set aside space for start-ups applying for exchanges through this program as the demand may be cyclical, depending on the location of your incubator.

  15. How do I get started?
  16. Simply visit to register your incubator.

  17. Can we register multiple logins?
  18. At this moment, Start Up Habitat only supports single sign-ons. Do send us your feedback if you wish to register multiple logins and we will include this in our next version.

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