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  1. Why should my start-up join the community?
  2. Start Up Habitat is designed to connect entrepreneurial communities globally by way of connecting start up incubators, accelerators, online communities, blog and of course, start-up founders together. This enables each stakeholder to immediately get international exposure to their target markets, and makes the start-up community globally a more open and connected one.

    Apart from the office space in incubators worldwide, the real value is provided in the mentorship and advice you can obtain from incubators and their affiliated investment partners, mentors, and advisors. Further, the networking opportunities within the start-up community through the forum would assist you in your entrepreneurial journey.

  3. What are the costs of joining?
  4. Joining is absolutely free. However, in order to book an “exchange” with an incubator, you should sign up for a membership, which entitles you to ten working days per year, which you can use across any of the incubators worldwide.

  5. How can I benefit from joining the community?
  6. As start-up companies, registering your membership will enable you to access the forums where you can meet other start-ups and interact with them. You may also search for service providers that may provide services specifically to help start-up companies. While we build our membership base, you will start to see more exciting services being provided by these service providers.

    When subscribing to our paid membership services, it is important for you to have some clear objectives in mind, especially when applying for an “exchange” with an incubator of your choice. This will allow you to make the most out of your exchange with the incubator, and incentivizes the incubators hosting the exchange.

    The more time and effort you put into marketing yourself through your profile, the more able you are to market yourself, and describe your needs to incubators. The international exposure through interaction with other start-up companies will also provide international learning opportunities to raise the bar on innovation in your value proposition.

    We are always happy to have feedback to improve the user experience, or to add more features that may serve you better. Do let us know if you have any comments by contacting us. <link to contact us page>

  7. My start up is still in product development/ technical development. Should I join? OR
    My start up is not ready to go overseas. Should I join? OR
    I need help on my entrepreneurship journey and would need a mentor. Can I join and seek help on this instead? OR
  8. I’d like to bring my business to a particular country that you have not launched in. Will you be launching in that country? Can I join only after you launch in that country?

    Yes. Start Up Habitat connects entrepreneurial communities globally. We welcome any start-up company, founder, accelerator, evangelist, technologist or, simply, anyone connected to the start-up eco-system. While we endeavour to include everyone into our online community, as any start-up company, we will iterate our offerings with each new version.

    Apart from incubators, Start Up Habitat has invited several service providers that provide specific assistance to start-up companies, whether it is technical development or assistance in business development, any start-up company can benefit from its membership in Start Up Habitat. You can even bounce off an idea, or a real-life situation and ask other start-up founders of how they have dealt with such similar situations.

  9. What kinds of start-ups will benefit most from joining the community?
  10. Having been in the start-up eco-system for years, we recognize that every start-up company has its unique DNA, and has its unique objectives, needs, and direction. Start Up Habitat caters best to start-ups that are expanding their operations to new jurisdictions, and have some form of technology incorporated into their value proposition.

    It is also imperative that start-up founders keep open minds and are able to consider suggestions and advice of mentors, while making the best decisions that are in line with their businesses.

  11. I would like to seek funding for my new start-up. Do you offer funding for start ups?
  12. Start Up Habitat has always set out to be a platform to connect global entrepreneurial eco-system. Thus, we do not offer funding for start-ups. However, Start Up Habitat has connected to several investors with varying investment mandates. Do contact us should you wish to be connected to an investor.

  13. I’ve registered my start-up but cannot access anything. What’s going on?
  14. Once registering your start-up company, please check your email address for a verification email. You will need to verify your email address before being able to access our services. Log into our internal site via your registered email and chosen password, and you should be able to access your dashboard to edit your profile with.

    If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us and we will assist you at the soonest possible time.

  15. How do I get started?
  16. Simply visit to register your start-up and join the community today.

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